OK so we know that bc backup can't backup everything you want! But we are getting there.

The stuff that we do backup.

At the moment bc backup can backup all of the files that you can SFTP in and download from Business Catalyst. BUT at least you don't need to do this yourself.

We have taken care of backing up :

  • the product catalogue;
  • your contacts;
  • web pages and images;
  • website and system templates;
  • layouts;
  • campaigns and content holders;
  • Web App layouts;
  • outbound emails and system messages;
  • and, all of the code that you toiled hard to create.

Recently added.

We have finally added backups of database items such as:

  • Web App Items
  • Orders
  • Blog Posts

And what is on the horizon?

Got anything else that you think we could add to the mix? Email us and suggest away.


STARTING FROM AUD $5.00 per month

bc backup now has a ONE plan that caters for the website owner. Just register and start backing up.

Need More?

Once you have decided that you need to do the rest of your clients, we have 3 more levels that you can upgrade to that will give you even more awesomeness, starting from AUD $10.00 for 10 sites on our Value plan

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