Why use bc backup as a safety net for your clients websites?

We have compiled just a few reasons why we think this application can save you some headaches during the course of your relationship with your client. Maybe you can suggest a few others by emailing us and letting us know what you think make good reasons for using bc backup?

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Worlds First BC Product Backup

OK so Business Catalyst came up with it first with their Product Export function, but we are a close second!

bc backup will backup your clients Products and Catalogues every day automatically, creating a unique CSV for every day so that if anything happens you can go back in time and restore a product easily.

Quick and easy download

You can click on the backup and any time to download a copy to your computer including a Product CSV snapshot taken on a given day.

A summary of all of your accounts in one place.

Quickly work out when the last successful backup of your clients account was, and view what days you have scheduled the backups for.

The bc backup dashboard is your lauchpad to knowing that you have safely protected as much of your clients digital assets as possible.

View all of your backups stored on one screen

Every backup performed is listed on the View Backups screen so that you can be assured that you have a backup should anything go wrong with your clients website.

You can download a product spreadsheet in 4 seconds and be ready to upload to BC to recover one or multiple products in minutes.

Start a bc backup at any time!

bc backup is designed to run an automated backup of your clients account and their products on the given days that you select.

But in addition you can start a backup at any time and come back in 5 - 30 minutes and you will have a fresh backup of your clients website.

Need to manage the diskspace that we give you?

Yeah so do we! So we have given you the ability to exclude folders from your backup.

For example you may have a folder that rarely changes, or you have a copy of, or the client is responsible for, so perhaps you can save space by excluding it.


STARTING FROM AUD $5.00 per month

bc backup now has a ONE plan that caters for the website owner. Just register and start backing up.

Need More?

Once you have decided that you need to do the rest of your clients, we have 3 more levels that you can upgrade to that will give you even more awesomeness, starting from AUD $10.00 for 10 sites on our Value plan

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