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dropbox added to bc backup

Wayne Lawson - Wednesday, May 15, 2013

bc backup has added the ability to link a dropbox account to your backup account, meaning that every backup is stored in your Dropbox account, not on the server.

Some reasons why this is awesome:

You control the diskspace used by your backups

We don't count any backups that are sent to dropbox in our overall total of diskpace used by you. This a win-win for everyone. You don't have to upgrade your bc backup account and we are not going to have to build a server the size of Googles datacenter.

You can share your backup folders

By backing up to Dropbox you are creating the ability to share the backup files with your clients. Good new / Bad news, well we suppose it depends on the client!

But the client will have access to images, PDFs, and their product catalogue should the inadvertently make an unscheduled improvement to their website!

Link your Dropbox account today